Service examples

Trustworthy data ecosystem prototypes

Establishing and using a trustworthy data ecosystem based on a selected blockchain technology.

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Cross-border interoperable Blockchain/DLT infrastructure, based on three dimensions of interoperability: legal, governance and technical.

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Slovenian blockchain infrastructure SI-Chain

Testing, performance measurement and commercial usage of Slovenian national blockchain infrastructure  SI-Chain, enabling cross border digital public and private DLT services while meeting the highest standards of security, privacy, sustainability and compliance.

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Slovenian blockchain infrastructure SI-Chain

European Blokchian Service Infrastructure and Use Cases testing and new use case integration and testing.

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Provided services

  • Digital Maturity Assessment
  • Incubator/accelerator support
  • Voice of the customer, product consortia
  • Market intelligence
  • Access to Funding and Investor Readiness Services
  • Mentoring
  • Education and skills development
  • Other
  • Awareness creation
  • Ecosystem building, scouting, brokerage, networking
  • Visioning and Strategy Development for Businesses
  • Collaborative Researchs
  • Concept validation and prototyping
  • Testing and validation
  • Pre-competitive series production
  • Commercial infrastructure

Market sectors

  • Agriculture, hunting and forestry
  • Fishing
  • Electricity, gas and water supply
  • Construction
  • Wholesale and retail trade
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Transport, storage and communication
  • Financial intermediation
  • Real estate, renting and business activities
  • Public administration and defence
  • Education
  • Health and social work
  • Other community, social and personal service activities (media, entertainment, etc.)
  • Manufacture of food products, beverages and tobacco
  • Manufacture of wood and wood products
  • Manufacture of transport equipment
  • Other Manufacturing
  • Other markets

TRL Focus

TRL3 – Analytical and experimental critical function and/or characteristic proof of concept

TRL4 – Component and/or breadboard validation in laboratory environment

TRL5 – Component and/or breadboard validation in relevant environment

TRL6 – System/subsystem model or prototype demonstration in a relevant environment

TRL7 – System prototype demonstration in an operational environment